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    COURSES OFFERED: *West Chorale (Mixed Choir) *Chorale 2 *+SYNCOPATION (Mixed Pop Ensemble) *+RHAPSODY (Women’s Pop Ensemble)

    *Entrance by audition ONLY +Must also be enrolled in Chorale or A Cappella

    The Plano West Choir is one of the largest and most active organizations on campus and one of the most recognized choral programs in the State of Texas. The two large Choirs consist of the West Chorale which is a Mixed Choir and A Cappella which is a Women's Choir. Students are auditioned and compete in Region, All-State, and UIL activities.  Honors credit is offered as a self study program of the choral curriculum. Vocal technique, musicianship, and performance skills are developed as well as life skills in respect, unity, responsibility, creativity development, and teamwork.   The public relations groups include  Syncopation, a mixed show choir, and Rhapsody, a women's show choir. These two groups perform for local events in the area and at the feeder school programs as well as perform two concerts a year. 

    The Choirs have received consistent superior Sweepstakes awards at UIL. West has led the Region in the placement of students in the Region Choirs and in All-State Choirs. The West Choirs have performed in San Francisco, Hollywood, New York, Disneyworld, New Orleans, Washington D.C. as well as at West Point, the US Naval Academy, Pepperdine, Rutgers University, St. John the Divine in New York and St. Matthews in Wash. D. C. They have performed in concert with SMU, UNT, TCU, OSU, Baylor, LSU and have had the opportunity to work with professional and renowned conductors and composers such as Eric Whitacre, Erik Esenvalds, Dr. Joshua Habermann, Dr. David Childs, Dr. Z. Randall Stroope, Dr. Kevin Fenton, Professor Donald Neuen, and others. Numerous students have chosen to major in the field of music because of their experiences in the West Choral music department. The Choirs have performed for TMEA and SWACDA.

    The Choirs perform a Cluster Concert with feeder schools, a Winter Concert, a Pre-UIL Concert, and a Spring Show of pop and Broadway  music with costumes and choreography. They have collaborated with the orchestra for the performance of "Carmina Burana" and shared in numerous musicals over the year. Students in choir are active in campus activities , many organizations, AP and Honors classes, and community service. As a member of the Plano West Choir Department, students are part of a group that has earned a reputation for excellence in music, a performance and in leadership throughout the State of Texas and beyond. 

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