• Business, Management & Administration

  • Business Information Management

    Business Information Management (BIM) is a full-year class that gives students a working knowledge of technology and prepares them to be proficient in business applications using Microsoft Office 2010. Students will develop word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database skills. BIM provides students the skills to master the world's most powerful business software that prepares them to earn the globally recognized MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications). This professional industry certification provides college credit with over 1500 universities nationwide, enhances college and career resumes, and certifies skills in a highly competitive job market.

  • Business Law

    Business Law provides practical information of our legal system as it pertains to minors, family law, contracts, bankruptcy, sales warranties, employment laws, criminal law, wills, and the court system. Topics will include social responsibility of business, business ethics, torts, contracts, negotiable financial instruments, personal property, sales, warranties, concepts of agency and employment, and real property.

  • Global Business

    Global Business provides students with an understanding of cultural diversity, the global economy, and international business organizations. The content and activities of the course allow the student to develop the appreciation, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work in a global marketplace. Students develop a foundation in the economic, financial, technological, international, social, and ethical aspects of business to become competent consumers, employees, and entrepreneurs. During this one-semester course, each student will have many opportunities to work in teams, and give presentations based on the research done on international business projects.

  • Virtual Business

    Virtual Business will give students an opportunity to incorporate a broad base of knowledge that includes the legal, managerial, marketing, financial, and ethical
    dimensions of business to create a successful virtual business. Students assess their skills, interests, and strengths to determine their suitability for working in the
    virtual world. Students will be involved in a team project that will give them real world experience to develop leadership, communication, and project management
    skills through the process of starting a virtual business.