Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Horton

I had a full career as a Systems Analyst before I began teaching Computer Science at PESH. This allows me to bring real world information into my classroom. 

I currently teach AP CS(Computer Science) A, IB DP CS SL, IB DP CS HL, Honors CS III. I also host the computer science club as well as a committee of the club known as "Girls Who Code".  The club is open to any student interested in investigating computer science topics.  It is student led.  Thru the club, students can investigate areas of interest with others interested in the same topic or compete.  We go to about a dozen contests each year as well as hosting our own contest and hosting a booth at Paloween.  Colleges love to see competitions on your application resume.  Students who practice problem solving for competitions also tend to score higher on the AP CS A exam. 

I have two daughters, a stepson and several grandkids. When I'm not teaching or grading papers, I enjoy training and competing with my dogs in sports such as agility, dock diving, obedience, rally, scent work, tracking and hunting. My social time is normally spent with family or out with my "doggy friends."

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    2022-2023 Schedule: 

    0 - None

    1 - AP CS A - Google Classroom code: vqha6hs 

    2- IB CS HL - Google Classroom code: pfj5kii   

    3 - AP CS A - Google Classroom code: yxd4som  
    B lunch 

    5 - H CS 3 - Google Classroom code: iwta3dw 

    6 - IB CS SL - Google Classroom code: ct7pnyl 
    7 - AP CS A - Google Classroom code:  5rrb2cv 
    7 - IB CS SL -Google Classroom code: 4iaobes
    Note: AP Classroom & repl codes will be
    posted in your google classroom under
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    bell schedule

    Computer Science Club:

    google classroom code t63m63v 

     Officers:  President: Clark Ngo

                 Co-Vice-President : Clint Wang and Jeffrey Xu

    Girls Who Code Club:  

    google classroom is the same as last year: nt7j6mr
    Please also join the computer science club
    google classroom (see above)
    Officers:  Co-Presidents: Sheela Zhang, Celina Rodriguez




  • Tutorials

    You need to sign-up on a google form to make sure I stay (link is in your google classroom)

    • Most lunches (A & B) - Starting with only Monday/Wednesday.
    • Most days after school if you signed-up
    • If all of these don't work, I'll consider setting up a zoom tutorial.

    Open Lab time:(Sign-up on tutorial form)

    •  Either lunch when there are no staff meetings
    •  After school if signed up by 3:30pm 

    CS Club meetings First meeting is Monday, August 15 after school.   We will pick our meeting times/days for the year at that meeting.

    I do NOT schedule before school tutorials, but may set up a zoom tutorial if you can never do lunch or after school.