Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Horton

I had a full career as a Systems Analyst before I began teaching Computer Science at PESH. I currently teach AP CS(Computer Science) A, IB DP CS SL, IB DP CS HL, Honors CS III. I also host the computer science club and take students to many competitions each year as well as hosting a computer science contest at PESH.  I have two daughters and a stepson. When I'm not teaching or grading papers, I enjoy training and competing with my dogs in sports such as agility, dock diving, obedience, rally, tracking and hunting. My social time is normally spent with family or out with my "doggy friends."

  • Open House Video

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    0 - None

    1 - AP CS A - Google Classroom code: p2hmjjh

    2 - AP CS A - Google Classroom code: fi42hf7

    3 - AP CS A - Google Classroom code: ukjte5q
    4 - IB CS HL - Google Classroom code: fnwdy7v
    B lunch 

    5 - H CS 3 - Google Classroom code: swsoze3

    6 - IB CS SL - Google Classroom code: rtqx3l4
    7 - Conference

    bell schedule

    Computer Science Club:

    google classroom code 4ktamgi

     Officers:  President: Ishaan Javali


                 Girls Who Code Chair



  • Tutorials are

    • "B" lunch most days (out for staff meetings)
    • Sometimes on A lunch (depends on lesson for that class, but there is room to work or test/retest)
    • After school on request (Most days, but I won't stay if no one has said they are coming)
    • If all of these don't work, I'll consider setting up a zoom tutorial.

    Open Lab time:

    •  Either lunch when there are no staff meetings
    •  After school on request (Most days, but I won't stay if no one has said they are coming)

    CS Club meetings are after school on Thursdays, so that time is limited for tutorials.

    I do NOT schedule before school tutorials, but may set up a zoom tutorial if you can never do lunch or after school.