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    Back Row L to R: Kevin Mikeska, Kathleen Murkot, Chris Ivy, Michael Godwin, Jesus Oropeza, Ross Craig, Andre Williams

    Middle Row:  L to R: Scott McCleneghan, Donald Weaver, Ann Horton, Judith Reiter, Suzy Eisenberg, Malia Hudson, Dawn Thompson

    Front Row L to R:  Sam Harriosn, Clarissa Sanchez, Meghan Abernathy, Deanna Reed, Michael Mirnbaum

  • CTE

    Staff L to R:  Cynthia McCuthens, Lauren Peterson, Alison Potter, Steven Pilate, Gayla Jones, Susan Kessler-Muse, Meghan Hollowell

Megan Abernathy
Career Education
William Ross Craig
Career Education
Nate Collins
Career Education
Suzy Eisenberg
Career Education
Michael Godwin
Career Education
Tommy Guynes
Career Education
Rebecca Gage
Career Education
Sam Harrison
Career Education
Ann Horton
Career Education
Malia Hudson
Career Education
Christopher Ivy
Career Education
Gayla Jones
Career Education
Susan Kessler-Muse
Career Education
Mikeska Kevin
Career Education
Scott McCleneghan
Career Education
Cynthia McCutchan
Career Education
Kathleen Murkot
Career Education
Octavio Oropeza
Career Education
Lauren Peterson
Career Education
Steven Pilat
Career Education
Diane Porter
Career Education
Alison Potter
Career Education
Bridgettt Wolstencroft
Career Education
Clarissa Sanchez
Career Education
Dawn Thompson
Career Education
Don Weaver
Career Education
Andre Williams
Career Education
Rio Orion
Career Education
Chiu Hwang
Career Education
  • Business & Technology

    Business & Technology Brochure

    • Accounting
    • Accounting II (Advanced Accounting)
    • Business Information Management (BIM)
    • Business Law
    • Global Business
    • Virtual Business

  • Family & Consumer Science

    Family & Consumer Science Brochure

    • Plano East FCS Course Brochure
    • Panther Preschool
      • The primary goal at the Panther Preschool is to create an environment in which children may develop to their fullest potential at their own individual rates. The emphasis is on the growth and development of the whole child; that is physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. Our curriculum is based on the philosophy that young children learn best by doing. Through the planned activities these areas of growth help to foster readiness skills necessary for kindergarten.
    • Child Development
    • Culinary Arts
    • Dollars and Sense
    • Education & Training
    • Fashion Design I & II
    • Food Science
    • Interior Design
    • Interpersonal Studies (Relationships)
    • Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness
    • Early Childhood Professions
    • Family and Consumer Sciences Career Preparation

    A school & community service organization that provides students with opportunities to mentor, teach, and lead.

  • Medical Science

    Medical Science Courses:

    Medical Terminology (9-12)

    World Health Research (11-12)

    Health Science Theory  (10-12):

    Practicum in Health Science 1 (11-12)

    Pharmacology (to obtain pharmacy technician certification) (12)

  • Technology

    Technology Brochure

    • Computer Science I
    • Computer Science II
    • Computer Science I AP / IB
    • Computer Science II AP / IB
    • Digital Media
    • Digital Design & Media Production
    • Web Design