• Special Education Department

  • Welcome to the Special Education Department at Plano East Senior High School.

    The Special Education department serves a wide range of needs for all of our students, including: academics, behavior, speech, counseling, auditory impairments and vision impairments.

    Students receiving our services are covered across all areas of academics from honors classes to our life skills classes.  All of our students receive some form of accommodations to help them be successul in the classroom.  Another portion of our students also receive modifications, which is reducing the level of exposure to the general educaiton TEKS, to best meet the needs of these students.  All of our students are involved in the General Education, in some way, whether it is for their core classes or their electives.

    All of our students work directly with their monitor teachers and develop a transition plan to help guide them with their post-secondary goals and they are also given various activities and strategies to assist them in accomplishing these post-secondary goals. 

  • Special Education

    Back Row Left to Right:  Chilquita Obawunmi, Teresa Farmer-Clemens, Beth Womack, Pam Dassow-Nittinger, Cristy Cooley

    Front Row Left to Right:  Judy Guynes, Paula Figuly, Natashia Garcia, Barbara Rapp. Bekka Kalmes

    Special Education

    Back Row Left to Right:  Lauren Gavin,  Keith Harrison, Marvin Porter, Jake Patton

    Front Row Left to Right:  Michael Crowe, Derrick Richardson, Charlie Camp, Anthony Ruttenburg

  • Meet the Faculty

Paula Figuly
Melissa Graves
Special Education
Kristie Ulibarri
Special Education
Michael Crowe
vacant vacant
Cathy Diggs
Jacob Patton
Charlie Camp
Cristy Cooley
Special Education
Pamela Dassow-Nittinger
Special Education
Judy Guynes
Special Education
Keith Harrison
Derrick Richardson
Becca Kalmes
Special Education
Chilquita Obawunmi
Danielle Martin
Shreya Patel
Marvin Porter
Daniel Gillis
Charles Randall
Barbara Rapp
Anthony Ruttenburg
Elizabeth Womack
Lauren Gavin
Natashia Garcia
Tommy Guynes
Special Education
Shawn Ruttneburg
Allison Weatherford
Misti Stolp
Special Education
Margaret Zaccagnino
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