Degrees and Certifications:

BA English (Baylor University) MA English (University of North Texas)

Ms. Kristy Alexander

This year, I will be teaching American Studies with two fantastic teachers. For the first two sections (0/1 and 3/4), I will co-teach with Giselle Devillier. I'll teach 5/6 with Jamie Cox. I'm also co-sponsoring Student Senate with Avery Bustetter. We're all determined to make this year as great as possible. Here's to new beginnings!

Since we will all start remotely, go ahead and log in to your Google Classroom. You'll find all directions for getting started there. We will post all assignments on these Classroom pages while using the AmStud website for resources. Hope your stress levels are low and you're ready to go!:




  • 2020-2021 Schedule

    0/1st: American Studies

    3rd/4th: American Studies

    5th/6th: American Studies

  • Tutorials:

    Mondays (Asynchronous days) by email appt

    Tuesday/Thursday afternoons by email appt


    Just email and let me know whenever you have questions!