Rebecca Hargrave

  • I am proud to be spending another year as a Panther at East.  Originally from southeast Oklahoma, in Plano since 2006, my home is definitely on both sides of the river. 

    The 20-21 school year will look like no other.  I am looking forward to overcoming our challenges together! 


  • Schedule

    1st-2nd period: Statistics

    3rd-6th period: Algebra 2 Seniors

    7th period: Prep

    Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:20-9:00 AM (zero hour)

  • Tutorials

    Algebra 2 Students - Go to Google Classroom -> Classwork Tab -> Classroom Information -> Tutorials for instructions to attend.  The Alg 2 Team offers 12 sessions per week (Zero hour, Lunch A, Lunch B, 7th period, and after school on select days).  Students may attend any session on the schedule.

    Statistics Students - Monday 1:00 PM, Tues-Fri 8:20-9:00 AM (by request), Tues-Fri 1st or 2nd period. 

    My Zoom link is open 1st-6th period each day. Students are welcome to attend any class session of their subject, regardless of their Cohort assignment (i.e. students may attend a session on their asynchronous day).