Mrs. Rebecca McDonald

  • Welcome to East Math! I am proud to be starting my 5th year as a Panther.  Originally from southeastern Oklahoma, in Plano since 2006, my home is definitely on both sides of the river. 

    I am teaching Algebra 2 and AP Statistics this year.  My primary goal is to inform and inspire students to achieve their best and grow in their education.  I enjoy watching a student figure out concepts or connect dots, but I absolutely delight in seeing a student expand their understanding of how to learn, how to do school, and most importantly, how to be successful in ways relevant to them as an individual.  Junior and Senior years are an amazing journey of growth for your students, and I am honored to be a participant.

    Feel free to contact me anytime via email to schedule a conference or just check in.  

  • Schedule

    1st - 3rd: AP Statistics  

    B Lunch

    4th-6th: Algebra 2  

    7th: Conference


  • Tutorials

    The Math Department has general tutorials available throughout the week.  I am available most mornings from 8:20-9:00 AM.   Algebra 2 and AP Statistics each have a shared tutorial schedule within our subject area teams.  All tutorial schedules, general and specific, are posted in Google Classroom as well as on each Module/Unit Calendar given to the students.