Degrees and Certifications:

Diana Bell

Welcome to Chemistry!!! This will be my 27 th year teaching Science and I am super excited to have you in class.


General Procedures

  • 1st pd: Dept Chair

    2nd pd: H Chemistry 

    3rd pd: Chemistry 

    4th pd: H Chemistry

    5th pd: Connect

    6th pd: H Chemistry

    7th pd: Conference

    8th pd: H Chemistry

  • Tutorials:

    Honors Chem: 

    Monday(4:15-5:00pm): Rm 2310 

    Tuesday (8:15-8:45am): Rm 2314

    Wednesday (8:15-8:45am): Rm 2311

    On Level Chem: 

    Monday(4:15-5:00pm): Rm 2311

    Tuesday (8:15-8:45am): Rm 2310

    Wednesday(4:15-5:00pm): Rm 2314

    Thursday (8:15-8:45am): Rm 2313