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Mrs. Abigail Escobedo

Hi, there!
My name is Abigail Escobedo and I am your Alpha Sub School secretary for last names starting A-D. Excuse notes and attendence questions can be submited to me. Please make sure that you always include your student's legal name and ID number. Also, any parent or doctor notes need to be submitted to my office within 3 days of student's return to school from an absence.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 469.752.9021 or

Abigail Escobedo
Alpha Sub School Secretary (A-D)

Plano East Senior High School
ph 469.752.9021
fx  469.752.9042
Attendance Policies

2021-2022 School Year
"Every day is
a new beginning.
Take a deep breath,
and start again."


    Any questions or concerns regarding your student’s attendance, please contact your student’s Sub School.

    To report a student absent
    Call 469-752-9000
    Press 3 to report absence
        press 1 for last names A-D
        press 2 for last names E-Ll
        press 3 for last names Lo-Re
        press 4 for last names Rh-Z

    Leave your student’s
    Reason for absence
    Sent a doctor or parent note within 3 days of student’s return to school.



    FAX a note to: (469) 752-9042

    If you need to speak to a sub school secretary or to submit an excuse note via email, contact the student’s sub school as follows:

    ALPHA Sub School Last Names beginning with letters A-D
    (469) 752-9021

    BETA Sub School Last Name beginning with letters E-Ll
    (469) 752-9114

    GAMMA Sub School Last Name beginning with letters Lo-Re
    (469) 752-9124

    DELTA Sub School Last Name beginning with letters Rh-Z
    (469) 752-99112

    Please include your student’s name and ID# in the email.