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Degrees and Certifications:

P.S. Political Science (USM) M.E. (OU)

Mr. Bernard Aikens

I am a military veteran and the Senior Army Instructor responsible for the JROTC Program in the East Cluster. Williams and McMillen H.S. feed particiapting students into the senior high program.  The Plano East S.H.S. Panther battalion is currently rated the best in the state of Texas. The JROTC philosophical mission is to "Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens". JROTC participation does not entail a military obligation, but rather instills the values of leadership and citizenship. The Core abilities your child will gain while in the program are highly desired by employers are: 

* Build capacity for life-long learning 

* Communicate using verbal, nonverbal, visual, and written techniques 

* Take responsibility for personal actions and choices 

* Doing your share as a good citizen in school, community, country, and the world 

* Treat self and others with respect 

* Apply critical thinking techniques 

* Produce a product and operate as part of a team 

* Lead with care and concern for people, mission, and organization 

* Value the role of the Military and other service organizations of our nation

* Graduate prepared to succeed in post-secondary options and career pathways 

  • LTC (Ret) Bernard Aikens TEACHER SCHEDULE 


    Period 1: JROTC -1/Alpha Company Unit 1 Citizenship in Action 

                                                        Unit 2 Leadership Theory and Application 

                                                        Unit 3 Foundations for Success 

                                                        Unit 6 Citizenship in American History and Government 

                                                        Appendix Mandatory Core Service Learning 

                                                        Google Classroom Code: e4pnhr6

    Period 2: JROTC 2/Bravo Company  Same as above 

                                                        Google Clssroom Code: pm45xjy

    Period 3: Counseling, obatin supplies from Plano ISD Military Preoperty Officer 

                                                        Google Clssroom Code: N/A

    Period 4: JROTC 4/Charlie Company  Same as above

                                                       Google Classroom Code: ibzbeni 

    Period 5: JROTC 5/Delta Company Same as above 

                                                      Google Classroom Code: ipz424f

    Period 6: JROTC 6/Headquarters Command and Staff  Same as above 

                                                      Google Clssroom Code: tvx5te2

    Period 7: Parent-teacher meetings,  team meetings, and tutorials 

                                                      Google Classroom Code: N/A


  • LTC (Ret) Bernard Aikens TUTORIAL SCHEDULE

    * Monday: 3:26 - 4:15 pm, room C002/ online.   

    * Wednesday: 3:26 - 4:15 pm, room C002/online 

    * Other times by appointment 

    * Peer tutoring in Face-to Face period is conducted by JROTC IB, AP and upper level regular students facilitated by the Senior Army Instructor.