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  • Music Studies (Music Theory)

    Music Studies (Music Theory)

    Course Number: 453401

    Prerequisite: None

    This course offers students opportunities to listen to, analyze, perform and create music from various styles and genres (e.g. folk, classical, jazz and popular music). One unit of this course may serve as the required fine arts credit for graduation.

  • Music Theory AP

    AP Music Theory

    Course Number: 454451

    Prerequisite: Knowledge of music fundamentals and / or approval of instructor

    This course is a study of advanced music literacy, focusing on aural and written musical skills. This course covers material typically taught at a college freshman level. For students who plan to continue musical studies on the college level, this course will offer an essential opportunity for in-depth study and preparation. The expected outcome of this course is to prepare students for success on the Advanced Placement Music Theory exam.

  • Music Theory II Honors

    Music Theory II Honors

    Course Number: 454551

    Prerequisite: AP Music Theory

    This course is a continuation of AP Music Theory and designed for students who wish to pursue college-level music studies in high school. Emphasis is on further study of common practice music theory, as well as composition, literacy, critical listening, and research of music in and out of the common practice