• How to start a new club at Plano East Senior High School


    Plano East philosophy on clubs and activities:

    At Plano East, we feel that part of the public school experience is for each student to have a group of students and activities that support the academic portion of school.  We at Plano East value and encourage students to be part of school organizations and clubs.  If a student has an interest in an area they currently do not see an organization or club, we invite them to start a new club.  Below is information about the types of clubs we have at Plano East and how to start a new one.

    There are two types of clubs for students at Plano East.  

    • Curricular Clubs which are linked to a specific curricular content.  These clubs stay current each year.
    • Non-Curricular Clubs which are student-initiated and driven.  These clubs start over each year due to they are driven by the interests of our current student body.

    Steps to Starting a Club:

    1. When students have an interest to start a club, the first step is to identify a sponsor who will sponsor the club.
    2. The sponsor will work with Mr. Eppler to determine if the club falls in the curricular club or non-curricular club category.
    3. Depending on what category of club, either the teacher (if a curricular club) or the student (if non-curricular) will start the on-line process to form the club.
    4. Clubs cannot begin meeting until all paperwork is approved.  An email will be sent to the sponsor and student when the club is official and can start meeting.

    **Clubs for each new school year cannot begin forming until the first day of school!**

    Link for students to start non-curricular clubs:

    Non-Curricular Club Link

     Students please be advised, you must use your PISD issued email when starting a club.

    If you have any questions about the process, please speak with your prospective sponsor or Mr. Eppler