Mrs. Karen A Compton, MS



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Karen A Compton, MS


2020-2021 marks my 11th year in Plano ISD at Plano East Senior High School and my 17th year teaching overall.  I have taught in 5 different school districts / systems in 2 different states (Texas and Georgia).  I have taught all levels of Chemistry (OnLevel, Honors / Advanced, AP, IB SL/HL) as well as Physical Science / IPC, Biology and TAKS Science.  I, obviously, *LOVE* teaching AP and IB Chemistry!!

I'm looking forward to an awesome school year as we all learn and grow!


If you ever have any questions or concerns: 
Students, please come talk to me or send me an email.
Parents, please send me an email.



Voicemail:  469-752-9000 x39231   (note, teachers are not on campus at this time so email is the best way to reach me!)



*Master of Science in Chemistry from University of Colorado at Boulder

*Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Southern Methodist University

*Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University



Physical Science, grades 8-12

Dance, grades 6-12

  • Class Schedule:

    0 hour - 1st period:  AP Chemistry

    2nd:  IB Chemistry SL

    3rd:  conference

    A lunch

    4th - 5th period:  AP Chemistry

    6th period:  IB Chemistry HL

  • Google Classroom Codes:

    0 hr - 1st period, AP Chem:  rahxapt

    2nd period, IB Chem SL:    jf7dkoz

    4th - 5th periods, AP Chem:  bz25vpr

    6th period, IB Chem HL:  2wyt335

  • Tutorial Schedule: 

    by appointment during remote learning, schedule a time during any asynchronous learning



    once face-to-face:

    7:15am  daily

    7th period  Tuesday and Thursday;  Monday, Wednesday, Friday by appointment*

    after school  Tuesday and Thursday;  Wednesday, Friday by appointment*


    *by appointment = before making plans to attend tutorials during this time, check with Mrs Compton that she will be here – she probably will be;  letting her know that you plan to attend tutorials during this time helps to ensure that she is available