• Overview of Course: All classes I teach are coding courses. We do NOT use any drag and drop software for my courses.   All of my classes will code in Java.

    Computer:  Students use classroom supplied computers.  There are lab times for those that don't have computers at home.  IB has a huge life cycle project for their IA that would be beneficial if they have a computer to work on at home.  AP CS A and H CS III have year end projects that would be beneficial if they could work on a computer outside of class time.  But again, there is lab time offered in and outside of class times, so a computer at home isn't required.

    PHONES: Should not be used at all in class. They will be collected and returned at the end of the school day.  Repeat offenders' phones will be turned in to assistant principals.

    Procrastination: The year of COVID/pandemic resulted in a lot of procrastination and just submitting work when students decided to, even at the end of the school year.  Last year was a recovery year.   This year, we are trying to get back to normal where procrastination will cause zeros.   Missing work and missing class (unexcused) will result in low grades/zeros.  Time to prepare for college where late work isn't accepted. 

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE:  For AP CS A or IB CS SL, it is assumed the student has NO knowledge about coding.

    Absences: Unexcused absences will NOT be allowed to makeup work.  This is a district policy that will strongly be enforced this year.

       If an absence causes you to miss a quiz or exam that was announced prior to the absence, you need to schedule and take the exam OUTSIDE OF CLASS time the day that you return.   

    It is up to students to schedule makeup work.  I will not be in charge of requesting and coordinating this for students.

    Tardies:   If a student enters the classroom after the bell rings, they will be marked tardy.  A tardy gets an automatic lunch dentention.  If a student misses 10 or more minutes of class(even if they attended the start of class), they will be marked absent.

    Labs: May be corrected and resubmitted up until the day of the test for that unit.   They will NOT be accepted after that date.  Late points may be deducted.

    Grades: Daily grades include Worksheets, most labs and quizzes.   They are weighted at 40%.  Tests are weighted at 60% .



  • AP CS A Topics: 

    number systems


    java coding basics


    invoking methods

    writing Object Classes

    Using static Math Methods

    Using non-static String Methods

    Decisions (if/else/switch)


    Collections - 1D arrays, 2D arrays, ArrayLists




    algorithms (sorting, searching)