• English III

  • English III

    This course continues emphasis on composition skills and literary analysis through a focus on the American Experience. Fall semester will be a study of the American scene as a quest for independence. Spring semester will be a study of America’s move in new directions. Study will include the exploration of English as a developing and changing language. Students will be studying the development of American Literature and important American authors. All literary study is supported by composition. Students will also be engaged in writing narrative essays and a research paper.

  • English III Honors

    This course is designed for students with an honors background or above average ability in on-level English II. Reading requirements surpass those in on-level English III and demand insightful analysis. This instruction provides the student with sophisticated techniques for success in writing on a college level. This course, in conjunction with English Honors IV, prepares students to take the AP exam.

  • English III AP

    This course is designed for the serious student of English who works, reads, and writes at the college level, or is willing to do so. This course will prepare students to take the College Board’s Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam in the spring in order to receive college credit. The AP English Language exam demands the ability to both read and write closely and analytically at the college level. Nonfiction and fiction, American literature and rhetoric, Aristotle through contemporary writers are examples of readings covered in this course. We strongly support the College Board’s philosophy that reading in an AP course should be both wide and deep. It is recommended that students have an Honors English II background coming in to English III AP.

  • English III DUAL CREDIT (1301)

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