• English IV

  • English IV

    Students will discover ways to change the world through a critical approach to reading and writing as they connect the meanings of texts across cultures and time. Student’s independent thinking will be fostered through logical and insightful analysis, interactions with literature and visual texts, and reading and writing. English IV curriculum will focus on the philosophy of the reading and writing workshop. The writing workshop will provide students with a substantial amount of time to create new writing, to revise pieces already begun, and to find an audience for their work. The reading workshop enables students to become lifelong readers by combining the study of the required classic literature with self selected reading that builds their readings. English IV prepares students for life after high school whether it be college or the work force.

  • English IV Honors

    This course is designed for students with an honors background who are planning to enter a four year university upon high school graduation. Students must be willing to complete numerous independent outside reading assignments that include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. There is a heavy emphasis on writing that requires both critical and rhetorical analysis. Students often work collaboratively in groups on major assignments. This course, in conjunction with English III Honors, prepares the students to take the AP Language and Composition exam.

  • English IV AP

    Advanced Placement English IV is designed for the above-average, motivated, college-bound student. The course of study concentrates on British literature in its chronological development but is supplemented by selections from other European authors. Since one of the objectives of the class is to prepare the student to earn college credit through the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Examination in May, we emphasize writing about literature by analyzing themes and stylistic and rhetorical devices of selected works by a diversity of authors.