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    Geometric Ball Welcome to the Math Department at Jasper High School.

    Jasper offers a variety of challenging courses to meet every student's needs. We have 15 caring, dedicated math teachers who teach courses ranging from Algebra I to honors pre-calculus. We also partner with a wonderful special education teacher who teaches Algebra I Applied, Pre-Algebra and Basic Math.

    Math is everywhere and in every part of our daily lives, making it essential knowledge for life. At Jasper, we prepare our students to handle life after high school by teaching them to think critically and evaluate every situation from multiple perspectives. Our students leave Jasper with confidence, ready for whatever life hands them.

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    Back row: Meg Ross, Lisa Morse, Sandy Ramesh, Meerna Ayoubi, Jayne Fischer
    Front row: 
    Henry Curtis, George Hargrove, Taylor Ervin, Laurie Thomas, Vivian Zhong

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