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    Welcome to the Science Department at Jasper High School.

    Our location is in the building on the far west side next to Archgate.  The science rooms are located on two floors; Biology is on the first, (Rooms 2301 – 2314, and Chemistry/IPC is on the second floor (Rooms 2301 - 2314).The science building contains 14 lab classrooms.

    The Science Department is dedicated to the highest level of instruction as is evident in our exceptional TAKS scores.  Within the Science Department, committed teachers regularly team to assure students spend up to forty percent of class time in collaborative groups.  Jasper Science teachers work very hard to reach this goal as Jasper students are always our principal focus.  Jasper students regularly engage in lab activities and instructionally supportive hands-on activities.  These approaches enhance student learning, support inquiry, and experiment by design.  In addition, these specific techniques train students to work effectively in collaborative groups by the development of effective communication skills and team cooperation.

    LASER is a school sponsored science organization and an excellent opportunity for students to become involved in scientific research.  LASER is an acronym that stands for Learning about Science and Engineering Research. The purpose of the club is to sponsor those students who participate in the Science Fair and also those students conducting scientific research.  Over the years, a number of students have won distinguished awards in science fair competition on the district, regional and national level because of their direct involvement in LASER.


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    Back Row: Diana Bell, Vashka Desai, Sadia Qazi, Teresa Walls, Grace Sauer

    Front Row: Dominic Burke, Steven Cooley, Michele Poovey, Stephanie Gonzales, Antony Park



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