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    Physical Fitness Excellence The Physical Education Department at Jasper High School is excited about instructing your child. We present a curriculum that is enriching and motivating to all students at all fitness levels and abilities. Students will learn to make good lifetime health and fitness choices. Students will be educated about different levels of intensity they can participate.

    We believe that physical education is a part of the total school curriculum, which uniquely focuses on the physical development of the child, while also addressing the emotional, intellectural, and social needs of the child.

    The Health Education Department believes that health education is an essential part of learning for adolescents. The health and health-related behaviors of students have a direct impact on their school attendance and ability to learn. Researchers indicate that health education in schools represents an effective way to enable students to develop the knowledge and skills that they need to avoid health risks and enhance both their health and their academic achievement.

    Health education provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to not only enhance their personal health, but also the health of their families, schools, and communities.



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