• Our Namesake: Benjamin Franklin Mathews

    Mathews Elementary School commemorates Benjamin Franklin Mathews (1827-1878), a farmer and carpenter who came to Plano in 1847 as a Peter’s Colonist. Benjamin Mathews was born in Oldham County, Kentucky, on February 24, 1827. He married Mary Ann Yager, also of Oldham County, on May 7, 1846. Ben, his wife, and his eldest daughter moved to Texas in 1847 and settled on the headwaters of Spring Creek. Ben soon began preparing and clearing land for farming. He was also a good carpenter and built a number of houses for his friends and acquaintances. One of Ben’s homes that he built still stands today, although much altered. It is the Joe Forman home located at 1617 Avenue K in downtown Plano. Ben and his wife had eight children. Clark High School and Davis Elementary are named for two of his sons-in-law.