• How Robin Hood Impacts Plano ISD

    Plano ISD is classified as “property wealthy” and subject to the state’s Recapture (”Robin Hood”) Tax. This year, Plano ISD anticipates a Robin Hood payment to the state of $150.6 million. This is more than 27% of your locally generated operating tax revenue. Including the current year, Plano ISD has paid $1.68 billion since 1993. Download a printable version of this flyer.

    An alarming trend. $398M projected amount paid in Recaputre Tax by Plano ISD (2013-2018).    As property values increase annually, Plano ISD's "Robin Hood" (Recaputre Tax) payment increases. $36M, 2013-14 school year; $47M, 2014-15 school year; $60M, 2015-16 school year; $104M, 2016-17 school year; $151M, 2017-18 school year.

    Plano ISD by the numbers: 54,000 students served; 30% economically disadvantaged; 14% english language learners. How much per school does the state take? $7.7M approx. impact per senior high; $3.8M approx. impact per high school; $2.6M approx. impact per middle school; $1.5M approx. impact per elementary.