• Pillar 2: Life Ready

    Objective:  Plano ISD graduates will possess the skills and knowledge that enable them to be future-ready citizens and leaders in the global workforce.

  • Strategy 2.1: Engage our learning community to define student success in terms of life readiness traits and competencies.

  • Action Plan 2.1.1

    Specific Result: Design a Portrait of a Graduate framework, with defined grade level learner profiles, that articulates student success, life ready skills and competencies important for student success.

    Action Steps

    1. Research, evaluate, identify and define specific “life readiness skills and competencies” that contribute to PISD’s definition of student success:
      • Research current literature on life readiness skills.
      • Solicit business leaders for input on life ready skills necessary for future success.

    2. Engage diverse, representative communities and organizations to develop a Portrait of a Graduate (graduate profile) that reflects business and industry needs, as well as community interests and values.

    3. Aligned with our Portrait of a Graduate (graduate profile), develop and implement life ready and career-connected learning programs with integrated experiences that expose students to careers and the pathways to attain success in them.

    4. Install cyclical and/or ongoing opportunities for strategic partners to contribute meaningfully to PISD’s life-ready programming.

    5. Establish the ways and means to systematically develop, integrate, recognize, honor and promote student successes that reflect the following core Portrait of a Graduate elements: Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers; Effective Communicators & Collaborators; Social & Emotional Pathfinders; Aware & Adept Digital Citizens; Inquisitive & Adaptable Learners; and Financially, Creatively and Civically Literate

    6. Graphically design and communicate the Plano ISD Portrait of a Graduate framework and grade-level learner profiles that reflect life readiness skills.   

    7. Evaluate plan annually according to the new Plano ISD community definition of student success and make changes as needed.


    Strategy 2.2: Integrate and authentically embed life readiness skills/standards alongside state standards.

  • Action Plan 2.2.1

    Specific Result: Develop the Plano ISD Portrait of Graduate Framework - Learner Profiles to build authentic learning experiences and a life ready learning culture and environment.

    Action Steps

    1. Review current district frameworks: Portrait of a Graduate, Plano ISD Social Emotional Learning competencies and standards, CTE, curriculum resources to outline skills and competencies necessary for success by each grade level and age appropriateness.

    2. Develop vertically articulated life readiness experiences from Pre K-12 to incorporate into learner profiles and embed throughout content areas.

    3. Partner with area universities and businesses to help create meaningful, learning experiences to prepare students for life readiness.

    4. Articulate universal life readiness language and communicate learner profiles within the school community.

    5. Leverage collaborative teams to further incorporate life readiness skills on each campus to drive implementation and support of Portrait of a Graduate and learner profiles.

    6. Create a life readiness professional library of evidence-based resources for all district members to access (physical & virtual).

    7. Evaluate plan annually according to the new Plano ISD community definition of student success and make changes as needed.

  • Action Plan 2.2.2

    Specific Result: Build staff capacity and engage community to teach and model life readiness skills through daily interactions and instructional strategies in order to help students achieve success in life.

    Action Steps

    1. Review current curriculum and identified areas for life readiness skills integration to determine professional learning plan needs.

    2. Develop and incorporate professional learning on tools and strategies that builds teacher capacity to grow and support the life ready skills identified in the learner profiles across all content areas and grade levels.

    3. Expand connections with community/business partners/PTA that supports students’ opportunities in authentic, life readiness learning experiences.

    4. Expand internships and programming that supports, promotes, and develops life readiness skills and preparedness.

    5. Communicate and model life readiness skills/SEL expectations for all PISD students to build self advocacy and efficacy.

    6. Evaluate plan annually according to the new Plano ISD community definition of student success and make changes as needed.

VIDEO: PILLAR 2 - Life Ready

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