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    Entry Plan Overview

    An effective leadership transition is important to maintaining Plano ISD’s tradition of excellence. This entry plan sets the priorities for Dr. Williams’ transition into the role of Superintendent of Schools for Plano ISD. Throughout the first 100 days, the entry plan will be used as a guide for gathering, analyzing and processing information from internal and external stakeholders


    This entry plan is designed to address the following entry goals:

    1. To ensure effective communication, efficient operations, high quality instructional practices, and quality professional learning, all resulting in student growth and student success

    2. To ensure a seamless transition of leadership by honoring the great work and tradition of excellence established in the district and keeping a focus on building a successful future

    3. To develop and strengthen trusting, productive, transparent, and collaborative relationships with the Board of Trustees, district leadership, staff, and community in my new role

    4. To strengthen relationships with stakeholders by listening and seeking a deep understanding about future needs and aspirations of the community and district 

    5. To affirm the existing culture of high expectations and standards with strong systems of support, a shared support model, and collaboration

    Expected Outcomes

    The expected outcomes of this plan include:

    1. A foundation for strong, collaborative relationships with the Board of Trustees, internal and external stakeholders, and the learning community of Plano ISD
    2. A summary of key findings will be shared with the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Team; feedback may be included in the Plan of Work or future initiatives as part of the annual district improvement planning process 
    3. A roadmap to elevate and promote a culture of high expectations, transparency, trust, collaboration, and educational excellence the Plano ISD community has come to expect  
  • Phase 1: Transition (April-May)

    • Host meet and greet events to engage with staff at all campuses
    • Create a transition timeline in partnership with Superintendent Bonser and Board President Stolle
    • Meet individually with Board President and trustees
    • Work side-by-side with Superintendent Bonser through May 31
    • Meet with key internal stakeholders
    • Work closely with Superintendent Bonser on Future Forward planning taskforce
    • Continue work on 2022-23 budgeting and staffing
    • Begin planning and finalizing summer events and district events for 2022-23
    • Post and hire for key leadership positions
  • Phase 2: External Stakeholder Engagement (June-August)

    • Create a plan for monthly Superintendent Roundtables with various community stakeholder groups (e.g., community leaders, nonprofits, medical professionals, business and industry, etc)
    • Engage with the following key stakeholder groups:
  • City and County Officials

    • Meet with mayors, city managers, first responder groups, health and human services officials and county officials to establish regular channels of communication, in addition to health and human services officials

  • Legislative

    • Meet regularly with legislative subcommittee regarding board priorities
    • Meet with elected delegates
    • Utilize PTA, Leadership & Ambassador Program, Chambers and Rotaries on advocacy efforts

  • Education Foundation & Partnerships

    • Active engagement and partnership with the Plano ISD Education Foundation board
    • Formalize community partners and volunteer opportunities

  • PTA

    • Continue  involvement/partnership with PTA, attend board meetings and continue to strengthen relationships

  • Business Community

    • Establish transition to various boards, e.g., Chamber, Medical Center of Plano; connect with business and industry, rotaries and other business community partners/individuals

  • Religious Community

    • Connect to faith leaders in the community

  • Higher Education

    • Meet with higher education institutions to strengthen and formalize partnerships

  • Media

    • Expand opportunities to strengthen relationships between the district and the local media

  • Phase 3: New School Year (August) and Beyond

    • Host mission-focused new teacher welcome event
    • Set the tone for the new school year via staff convocation message
    • Administer back-to-school campaign and launch
    • Host Cabinet meetings onsite at campuses (Mission Mondays)
    • Begin superintendent roundtables
    • Launch second year of Leadership and Ambassador Program
  • Superintendent Meet & Greets