• New Student Online Enrollment and Registration

    As a public girl smiling as she get on the school bus school system, Plano ISD welcomes all students who live within the district's boundaries and meet state age and health requirements. For specific registration information, please contact your child's school. If you need to find out which school your child will attend, please use the School Finder to look up the attendance boundaries for your address. 

    2020-21 Enrollment for all grade levels is online. A secure document portal is available for upload of enrollment packets and documents. 

  • 2020-21 Secondary New Student Enrollment (6th - 12th Grades)

    For secondary students new to the district in grades 6-12:

    Important note: The process of uploading documents is for registration only. For class selection, new students must contact campus counselors. Please call or email school counselors for assistance.

    Para inscribir a su hijo en grado 6th-12th:

    • Por favor complete el formulario de inscripción 
    • Cargue los formularios y los documentos necesarios para inscribirlo (certificado de nacimiento, tarjeta de seguridad social, identificación con foto de los padres o tutores, prueba de domicilio, el informe más reciente de la escuela anterior y registros de vacunación) en el portal de documentos seguros

    Aviso importante: El proceso de carga de documentos es solo para la inscripción. Para la selección de clase, los nuevos estudiantes deben comunicarse con los consejeros de su escuela. Por favor llame o envíe un correo electrónico a los consejeros escolares para conseguir ayuda.

  • 2020-21 Elementary New Student Enrollment (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

    For elementary students new to the district in grades kindergarten to fifth grade:

    Para inscribir a su hijo en grado kinder-5th:

    • Por favor complete el formulario de inscripción 
    • Cargue los formularios y los documentos necesarios para inscribirlo (certificado de nacimiento, tarjeta de seguridad social, identificación con foto de los padres o tutores, prueba de domicilio, el informe más reciente de la escuela anterior y registros de vacunación) en el portal de documentos seguros

  • 2020-21 Prekindergarten Eligibility Form

    Prekindergarten (PreK) enrollment is open online for children who are four years old on or before September 1, 2020. Please complete an eligibility form, and you will be contacted by email to complete the PreK application. School assignment will be communicated via email after this pre-registration period is complete.

    More information about PreK programs in Plano ISD, including our three early childhood schools, 15 elementary schools that provide PreK classes, our Head Start program, as well as information about school hours and eligibility can be found on our prekindergarten webpage.

    La matrícula para Prekínder (PreK) ya está abierta en línea para niños que para el 1 de septiembre de 2020 tendrán cuatro años de edad. Por favor llene un formulario de derecho, y se comunicarán con usted por correo electrónico para completar la solicitud de admisión a PreK. En cuanto se termina este período de preinscripción, se le informará por correo electrónico la escuela a la que su niño ha sido asignado.

    Puede encontrar más información sobre los programas de PreK en el ISD de Plano, incluyendo a nuestras tres escuelas de primera infancia, 15 escuelas primarias que ofrecen clases de PreK, nuestro programa Head Start, e información sobre los horarios escolares y el criterio de derecho, en nuestro sitio web de prekínder.

  • 2020-21 Head Start Qualification Application

    2020-21 Head Start Qualification Application

    The Headstart Qualification Application for Plano ISD.

    2020-21 Solicitud de Calificación Head Start

    La Solicitud de Calificación Headstart para Plano ISD.

    Application Checklist

    • Copy of the child's birth certificate
    • Copy of the child's immunization record
    • Copy of the income tax return or check stubs or proof of TANF assistance
    • Copy of the lease contract or mortgage agreement in the parent name(s)
    • If applicable: Copies of the social security card(s) of child and parent(s), proof of Medicaid, CCMS, Food Stamps, WIC

  • Who Can Enroll a Student?

    The natural parent, legal guardian or other person having legal control under a court order must enroll a student. Any person who is not the natural parent or is not designated guardian of the child by a court order must register with the office of Student Services, 5804 Coit Road #102, Plano, TX 75023, prior to enrolling the student.

    The person enrolling the student must present their driver's license or department of transportation identification card at the time of registration.

    A student 18 or more years of age living independently must present evidence of age and complete the necessary form in the office of Student Services prior to enrolling at the school.

  • Attendance Boundaries & Feeder Schools

    A student is required to attend school in the attendance zone in which the family resides or obtain an approved transfer.  See the Schools section of this Web site for a list of school campuses.  The attendance boundary maps, School Finder application and feeder school charts can be accessed below.

  • I'm Building /Purchasing a Home within PISD Boundaries. When Can I Enroll my Student?

    If a family has not yet moved into the school district but is building or purchasing a home within the district boundaries, a Certificate of Eligibility Form must be completed and the contract for purchase must be submitted to the office of Student Services prior to enrolling.

  • First Grade Information

    In order to attend first grade in Plano ISD, a child must be six years old on or before September 1 or have been previously enrolled in the first grade of a public school in another state or have completed public school kindergarten in another state. Children who are five by September 1 may enroll in first grade through the district's kindergarten acceleration procedures. 

    The child should be registered during the regular Kindergarten Roundup at his/her school. Parents must apply for kindergarten acceleration. Assessment sessions are scheduled in June. Students who move into the district in July and early August may be considered for acceleration assessment. The deadline for receiving these students is September 1. 

    For further information regarding testing of underage students for first grade enrollment, contact Plano ISD's Office of Credit by Exam at (469) 752-8703.

  • What Is Needed for Registration

    • Completed New Student Enrollment Form.

    • Original birth certificate (or certified copy which includes a certificate number and is issued by the state), passport or other documents suitable as proof of the student's identity. See School Board Policy FD (EXHIBIT)
    • Texas law requires the parent enrolling a student under the age of 11 to:
      • provide the original or certified copy of the student’s birth certificate at the time of registration; or
      • provide other reliable proof of the child’s identity and age (e.g., passport) plus a signed statement explaining the inability to produce an original or certified copy of the birth certificate. See form Policy FD (Exhibit C).

    • Current immunization record signed by a physician. Immunizations, per Texas requirements, must be up to date with proper documentation prior to enrollment and attending class.

    • Proof of residency in Plano ISD (natural gas or electricity bill, original lease agreement, or approved certificate of eligibility to enroll form)

    • Most recent report card/withdrawal slip from previous school

    • Social Security card (if available; if not, the student will be assigned a state ID number)

    • High school transcript (if applicable)

    • Parent’s valid driver’s license, or state identification card, or guardian information form and guardian’s driver’s license or state identification card. 
      • If parent or guardian is not a licensed driver or has not obtained a state ID card, other photo ID will be considered including, but not limited to, a passport or employment identification card.

    • Early Childhood Programs:  Military Dependents (Department of Defense ID required) 
    • Early Childhood Programs:  Letter documenting conservatorship by the Department of Family and Protective Services 
    • Early Childhood Programs:  Proof of income, if applicable (current paycheck stub, tax return, food stamp documentation or Food and Nutritional Services letter)
  • School Finder
    Not sure what school your student will attend? Schools are assigned by attendance zone determined by home address. Please use school finder to determine your student's school. www.pisd.edu/schoolfinder