• Absence Reporting

    Plano ISD employees may report an absence on the absence reporting website.

    Substitutes - use the Substitute Management Center.

    Additional information is available in My Absence Reporting Guide.

    Absence Reporting Tips

    Enter your absence as soon as you know you will be absent.

    This is critical when there is a district-wide professional development.

    When entering an absence in the Employee Service Center (TEAMS), utilize the 'Notes' section.

    1. It is located under the Details tab and will appear after an absence has been submitted.
    2. Select 'Note' button.
    3. Enter special instructions into text box.
    4. Select 'Add'.
    5. Select 'Return'.

    Items to 'Note':

    • Coaching assignment
    • Type of Special Education classroom assignment
    • Schedule changes; i.e. special campus event like Field Day
    • Dress code changes, i.e. 'jeans' day
    • A 'go-to' person for the day: Team Leader, Department Head
    • Parking assignment: where to park specifically if the staff has reserved/numbered spaces.