• Strategic Plan 2013-18

  • Vision Statement

    Plano ISD schools empower students to be able to adapt to new learning and career opportunities throughout their lives, collaborate with, and contribute to, the global community and to be disciplined and creative in their thinking.

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Plano Independent School District is to provide an excellent education for each student.

  • District Goals

    Plano ISD has two major ongoing district goals:

    • Ensure continued improvement in student learning.
    • Ensure efficient use of resources.

  • The 2013-2018 five-year revision of the Plano ISD Strategic Plan was adopted by the school board on May 7, 2013. An important part of revising the plan was a community survey. See the findings:

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    Strategic Goals

    Student Learning

    We will provide an innovative curriculum, engaging instructional programs and services that prepare graduates to succeed in post-secondary experiences and thrive in a global society.

    Student Learning Objectives

    • We will provide personalized learning experiences.
    • We will provide cultural experiences at each grade level in order to become contributing global citizens. 
    • We will provide students with choices at all grade levels.
    • We will provide students with choices in digital learning environments.
    • We will honor and support teacher creativity and innovation in the classroom.

    Community Connectedness

    We will develop community partnerships to promote collective responsibility, involvement and support of public education to ensure student success.

    Community Connectedness Objectives

    • We will engage all stakeholders through multiple media and in-person venues, periodic surveys and active listening.
    • We will provide a community-based accountability system to assess the criteria valued by the Plano ISD community.
    • We will promote the district's achievements and reputation to a global audience.
    • We will continue and expand our partnership with the Plano ISD business community.
    • The Board of Trustees will continue and expand dialogue with other elected governmental officials.
    • We will advocate with the state legislature for balanced state and local partnership in public education.

    Capacity Development

    We will provide innovative learning opportunities for all employees to continually develop their professional capacity, creativity and interpersonal skills to maximize student learning.

    We will acquire and efficiently manage appropriate resources to create and support employee effectiveness and to maximize student learning.

    We will systematically evaluate programs, support services and facilities to promote student learning.

    Capacity Development Objectives

    • We will inventory all programs and services and strategically abandon programs to redeploy resources.
    • We will create and support professional learning communities in order to enhance teaching and learning.
    • We will evaluate and update facilities in order to provide a safe, secure, and effective instructional environment.
    • We will, continuously, seek out and develop systems of quality instruction.

    Data-Informed Decision-Making

    We will analyze and use relevant data to improve student achievement and district operations.

    Data-Informed Decision-Making Objectives:

    We will provide engagement opportunities to create understanding and stakeholder ownership of student performance.