• Lifelong Learner Traits

    The students of Plano ISD will be

    Self-directed learners who:

    • accept and seek new challenges in learning.
    • identify purpose, define courses of action and follow through with a plan.
    • apply prior knowledge and processes to construct new knowledge.
    • access and utilize information from a variety of sources.

    Effective communicators who:

    • express themselves clearly and concisely.
    • listen attentively, receive, interpret and respond to communication.

    Complex thinkers who:

    • demonstrate creative thought.
    • construct meaning, solve problems, make and evaluate decisions using a variety of thinking strategies.

    Quality producers who:

    • evaluate and adjust work to reflect best effort.
    • persevere to create products which achieve intended purposes.

    Responsible citizens who:

    • demonstrate respect and concern for self and others.
    • assume responsibility for own actions.
    • understand and participate in the democratic process.
    • demonstrate sensitivity to cultural and individual differences.
    • cooperate with others.

    Collaborative contributors who:

    • work with others, acknowledge and contribute ideas, suggestions and effort.
    • demonstrate the qualities of positive leadership.