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    Dear Colleagues,
    This is my last installment of sharing the operationalizing of our Strategic Plan—and right before Spring Break! As you now know, we created eight Operational Expectations to help us define more specifically the student achievement and organizational efficiency goals at the top of our plan.

    For the last several months, we have had project teams aligned under each expectation whose task it was to create a set of Outcome Indicators that we would measure annually to give us information about our success in meeting these expectations. These teams collectively received more than 1,000 recommendations from employees, parents and other patrons who voiced opinions about what we should measure in this effort. They engaged in a significant amount of work, and it was rewarding to see how much people wanted to contribute to this important task.

    We recently presented to our Board a fairly significant list of Outcome Indicators that were recommended by these project teams. At an average of about 13 items we would measure under each Expectation, the total list exceeds 100 outcomes that we will ultimately track.

    It is important to understand three things about this list. The first is that we are committed to using both quantitative and qualitative measures when we examine our success. Certainly we measure the more traditional quantitative things—student assessment participation and performance, percent of budget to instruction, employee turnover data, work order response time, etc. We will also measure other quantitative items such as student and community volunteer hours, social media reach and Legacy Club members (community senior citizens remaining connected to Plano ISD) that we have not historically tracked but that connect to our Expectations and Beliefs.

    The second important reality relates to the participation and performance data we will track. While state testing will certainly be included, it will be far from the only results we will value. AP, IB, Advanced CTE, industry certification, Dual Enrollment, science research, the arts, co-curricular, extra-curricular and formative assessment participation and results will all be a part of what we measure. The signal here is that we are going to be about so much more for our students than any one test score.

    The third, and maybe most important understanding, is that nearly half of our measures will be qualitative in nature in the form of very specific survey questions we will ask of our students, teachers, staff and parents. We can gain much valuable information about our overall success from asking for meaningful feedback from the people who work for and/or are served by the school or district—particularly in those performance areas where there simply aren't quantitative outcomes to review.

    Finally, let me make a point about the role these Outcome Indicators play in our overall strategic planning. Simply put, they provide a broad spectrum of information when schools, departments and the district as a whole begin to engage in their improvement planning efforts. But they are not the focus. Our focus is placed on the Expectations that guide our efforts and the Beliefs that shape our culture.

    Operational Expectations

    Student Learning
    Maintain high expectations for all students through creative and effective instructional delivery, rigorous learning outcomes and a focus on eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps
    Foster student acquisition of 21st century skills
    Provide quality, diverse programming that maximizes choice and provides students with a personalized, well-rounded education
    Focus on responsible citizenship by developing and recognizing character traits of integrity, ethics, empathy and service and a strong appreciation for all people and cultures
    Efficient Use of Resources
    Demonstrate fiscal responsibility through efficiency and mission-driven priorities
    Attract and retain highly qualified staff and focus on strengthening the capacity of all employees
    Provide students and staff with high quality, safe and productive learning environments
    Maximize community connections to strengthen, support and promote our educational mission


    In Plano ISD:

    1. We build meaningful and positive relationships with all stakeholders anchored in respect, compassion and trust and fueled by the mission of student success.
    2. We make intentional collaboration and teamwork the cornerstone of our organizational culture.
    3. We value and utilize multiple sources of data to provide purposeful feedback to students and to improve instructional design and delivery.
    4. We embrace high expectations and mutual accountability for staff and students supported by an unwavering belief in student potential.
    5. We will be a dynamic learning organization committed to continual reflection and innovation with a focus on improving the programs and practices that serve our students.
    6. We cultivate strong, shared leadership throughout our organization providing universal responsibility for a high-performing culture.
    7. We have a zero tolerance for destructive negativism.
    8. We constantly connect people to the nobility of our mission.

    Our innovative, reflective spirit and ongoing pursuit of excellence is captured in a continuous improvement cycle that is the same for a person, school, department or district.

    Continuous Improvement Cycle
    Continuous Improvement Cycle

    These are not perfunctory. They aren't meant to decorate walls. When we plan, budget, evaluate programs and hire people, we do it through the lens of these Expectations and Beliefs. As I shared last week, it takes special people to thrive in a culture where everyone reflects constantly and learns with and from each other. Fortunately for our community, we have a lot of them. We will continue recruiting and focusing on providing you with an organizational culture that supports, grows, values and appreciates your commitment to making a difference for the children we serve.

    Have a great Spring Break. I hope it is both happy and restful. As always, thank you for all that you do to help Plano ISD be a great place for children to grow and learn.

    B.T. Binggeli
    Dr. Brian T. Binggeli
    Superintendent of Schools

    Superintendent's Update | March 4, 2016