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CTE Certificate of Achievement Awards

May 24, 2022

Twenty graduating seniors were honored by Plano ISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Human Resources for their successful completion of the Plano ISD CTE Education and Training program of study. Students were presented with a certificate of achievement and a letter guaranteeing an interview and job placement assistance for employment as an educational aide or teacher in Plano ISD after completion of certification requirements. Honorees include:

Plano West Senior High School

  • Lacey Braschler
  • Ana Diaz
  • Kenzie Jetton
  • Juliana Kohlereiter
  • Averie Mintz
  • Payton Pascuzzi
  • Naveen Rahman
  • Sara Stewart
  • Emma Ziegelbein

Plano West students

Karen Buechman (CTE Director), Tawn King (Director Human Resources), Lacey Braschler, Sara Stewart, Ana Diaz, Payton Pascuzzi, Naveen Rahman, Kenzie Jetton, Emma Ziegelbein, Averie Mintz, Alex Ritter (CTE Coordinator), Clint Poole (Executive Director Human Resources). Not pictured: Juliana Kohlereiter

Plano Senior High School

  • Avery Butler
  • Jasmine Cutler
  • Aubree Hall
  • Isabella Hughes
  • Isobel Hutson
  • Olivia Morrison
  • Gordon Newsome
  • Mary Ellen Stolte

Plano Senior students

Jeff Banner (PSHS Principal), Karen Buechman (CTE Director), Olivia Morrison, Aubree Hall, Avery Butler, Isobel Hutson, Gordon Newsome, Tawn King (Director Human Resources), Alex Ritter (CTE Coordinator), Andy Jacob (PSHS Associate Principal, Student Activities). Front Row: Clint Poole (Executive Director Human Resources), Jasmine Cutler, Isabella Hughes, Mary Ellen Stolte

Plano East Senior High

  • Kevin Cao
  • Ashley Graham
  • Amber McKinnie

Plano East students

Robert Eppler (PESH Associate Principal, Student Activities), Alex Ritter (CTE Coordinator), Sheela Daniels (PESH Associate Principal, Curriculum and Instruction), Karen Buechman (CTE Director), Tawn King (Director Human Resources), George King (PESH Principal), Amber McKinnie, Kevin Cao, Clint Poole (Executive Director Human Resources). Not pictured: Ashley Graham