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Plano ISD and Plano Police Department Address School Safety in Joint Message

June 9, 2022

School security has been and continues to be on the minds of Plano ISD parents and community members as a whole. The Plano Police Department (PPD) and the Plano Independent School District (PISD) have a strong and committed partnership in support of student and staff safety. The recent Uvalde tragedy has given the two organizations more reasons to continue conversations and collaboration around school safety. 

City and district leaders understand and share the very same concerns that parents have regarding keeping children safe at school. On an on-going basis, PISD campuses prepare for emergencies and are vigilant in promoting a safe learning environment for students. PISD works hand-in-hand with the PPD and other agencies within the community to create a network of protection for students, staff and families.

PISD has a number of programs and protocols in place, including uniformed police officers inside schools. School Resource Officers (SROs) work inside the school and are responsible for safety and crime prevention while also working closely with school administrators to create a safer environment. The responsibilities of SROs are to respond to emergency situations on campus, respond to calls for service, and document incidents that occur within their jurisdiction. Beyond law enforcement, SROs build relationships with students and staff, and support emergency management of the campuses.

The district has also implemented the Standard Response Protocol, a nationally recognized methodology that, through training and practice, ensures a uniform emergency response by faculty, staff and students.

PPD and PISD continue to evaluate safety and security measures for options that may enhance student and campus safety. Tragedies like what occurred in Uvalde are troubling and serve as a reminder to reassure students and the community that  the Plano Police Department and Plano ISD work in partnership to keep students, staff and facilities safe. 

Please visit the Campus Safety & Security web page for more detailed information about campus safety protocols.


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