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Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) State Road-eo Safety Competition

June 11, 2022

Each June, the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) hosts the annual School Bus Safety Road-eo for both regular (conventional) and special needs buses as an opportunity for school bus drivers and bus assistants to showcase their skills in driving and working with students. Drivers compete against one another using their skills in precision driving and knowledge of the laws. Each event is either timed or measured to determine the score.  

The event begins with general knowledge and vehicle inspection written tests, challenging the contestants’ comprehension of driver certification, commercial driving laws and regulations. Contestants then get behind the wheel and demonstrate their ability to maneuver a school bus in and around various driving obstacle courses that include backing, parallel parking, right/left hand turns as well as student loading/unloading. Each event is either timed or measured to determine the score. Many hours of practice are needed to receive the maximum number of points per event. Drivers spend many non-compensated hours in order to achieve a superior level of excellence. Congratulations to Plano ISD's award-winning bus drivers: 

Special Needs Category

State Champion

  • James Garcia, Driver, and Emily Mayo, Bus Assistant

Third Place

  • Kyle Collins, Driver, and Bianka Joshua, Bus Assistant

Conventional Category

State Champion

  • Austin Turano, Driver

5 Individuals standing with award plaques

James Garcia, Emily Mayo, Austin Turano, Bianka Joshua, Kyle Collins