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Jan. 22, 2019 - Robotics Update: FIRST LEGO League

In preparation for the FIRST LEGO League Robotics 2018-19 challenge, “Into Orbit," teams of Plano ISD elementary and middle school students from across the district have spent considerable time during the fall semester researching about space. They have worked hard to design, build and program their team's robots for the competition. 

Sigler Elem, FLL robotics team celebrating with high fives

Sigler Elementary FLL team, "The Space Travelers," coached by Scott Richards Sigler teacher and Kim Edwards school counselor, congratulate one another after programming a successful mission.

Teams of students from over 80 countries taking part in the FLL competition, collaborate to develop robots for autonomous missions on a table-top playing field. This year, 56 teams from 44 Plano ISD elementary and middle school campuses competed. In addition to developing their robots, the teams work to solve a real-world problem. This year’s problem is, “Identify a physical or social problem faced by humans during long duration space exploration within our sun’s solar system and propose a solution.“ Using STEM concepts, students researched, developed and presented a solution to this problem. Along the way, they improved their critical-thinking and presentation skills, built self-confidence in STEM, and had a ton of fun while working as part of their team. 

The season culminated in regional tournaments held during December and early January. Plano ISD hosted events on December 8 and 15 with the help of over 70 volunteers from our community including our high school robotics team members. We commend these students and coaches on their hard work, dedication and outstanding representation of Plano ISD.

Robinson MS “RazorBots”

Robinson Middle School team the “RazorBots” share their robot with Robinson Principal Billie Jean Lee. The RazorBots are coached by teachers Eric Bear and Hoda Abdel-Ghani.

Teams from the following campuses advanced to the second round of play:

  • Haggard Block Heads
  • Harrington Husky Robotics
  • Hedgcoxe Sci-Fi Savages
  • Rasor Rocket Robotics
  • Rice Ravenclaw
  • Saigling Techno Stallions and Galactic Stallions
  • Shepard Elementary Robotics
  • Sigler R3 Space Titanium
  • Skaggs Stars Robotics
  • Wyatt Rocket Roos

The following teams won awards:

  • OttoBots Gold – Outstanding Project
  • Rasor Rocket Robotics- Referee’s Award for outstanding sportsmanship
  • Sigler R3 Space Titanium –Core Values Award for outstanding teamwork
  • Hedgcoxe Sci-Fi Savages – Judges’ Award for all-around quality in all the judged categories
  • Saigling Techno Stallions –Outstanding Robot Design
  • Saigling Galactic Stallions – Referee’s Award for outstanding sportsmanship

Learn more about FIRST LEGO League.


Hightower and Thomas elementary robotics teams

Left: Robotics team members from the "Hightower Hazards." The team is coached by Hightower Elementary Teachers Jacquelynn Guida and Erin Rowe. And right: Thomas Elementary FLL robotics team members work together to refine their robot between matches. They are coached by Thomas Elementary PACE teacher Ayanna Black.