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TAPT School Bus Safety Poster Contest 2nd Place Winner from Murphy Middle School

In the 2019 School Bus Safety Poster Contest, Sanjana Arulkumaran, eighth grader at Murphy Middle School, has won the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) second place division 3 (grades six to eight) award. Entries in the 2019 contest were made during the Spring of 2019. Division winners are invited to an awards ceremony at the Texas State Capitol in October. Sanjana will be presented with a $100 cash award for her original artwork.

Contest artwork included the 2019 theme Red Lights Mean Stop!, and entries were made in five categories from kindergarten to eighth grade (divisions 1 to 3) with entries in category four submitted by special education students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Division five includes CAD (computer aided drawing) artwork.

Any students enrolled in a public, parochial or other private elementary, middle school and high school (in division four and five) in the state of Texas were eligible to submit artwork for judging. 

Criteria for the selection of the award-winning posters are:

  • Safety impact: the relationship of the poster design to the school bus safety practices.
  • Originality of the poster and how the idea is expressed in the poster design. 
  • Artistic quality of the artwork and its execution. 
  • Visual impact of the poster design. 

Sanjena Arulkumaran and poster with bus/giant stop sign - red lights mean STOP!