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March 4 Is SAT Day for all Plano ISD Juniors

March 4, 2020

As a result of House Bill 3, as passed by the 86th Texas Legislature, the state will be providing funding for all juniors to take one college admissions exam. Plano ISD will be using this funding to administer the SAT to 11th grade students on March 4, 2020.  Students will take the SAT exam at their home campuses. If you would like additional information about SAT School Day, please visit the College Board’s website.

Additionally, you may access free SAT prep materials on the College Board website.

There are no registration requirements for students or parents—this will be done automatically by the school. If you have already scheduled your student’s SAT, you may choose to either keep that date as a second testing opportunity, or you may move that registration to another national testing date. Students and families will receive detailed information from their school counseling teams.