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TMEA Early All-State Results: Band, Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble

Update January 11, 2020 -

Live all-state auditions took place on January 11. See the list of all-state choir and concert band students in January Headline News. A total of 60 all-state musicians and singers have been selected by TMEA for all-state ensembles.

November 11, 2019

Forty dedicated Plano ISD musicians were selected via several recorded auditions by the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) and have earned their seats in all-state musical ensembles, joining other students to be selected in early January via live audition, for the annual clinic and concert in February at the 100th Annual TMEA Conference held in San Antonio. 

Jazz Ensemble 1

  • Joseph Allen, Plano West Senior High
  • Colman Burks, Plano West Senior High
  • Connor MacLeod, Plano West Senior High

Jazz Ensemble 2

  • Scott McLain, Plano West Senior High

Symphonic Band Piano

  • Alena Zhang, Jasper High School

Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Katie Chang, Shepton High School
  • Ivy Chen, Vines High School
  • Andrew Hu, Plano Senior High
  • Priscilla Lee, Plano West Senior High
  • Matthew Lin, Plano West Senior High
  • Cade Medearis, Shepton High School
  • Alexandra Nepomnyashy, Plano West Senior High
  • Jacob Roy, Plano East Senior High
  • Ethan Wu, Plano Senior High
  • Eddie Xu, Plano West Senior High
  • Hanson Xu, Jasper High School
  • Vivian Zhang, Plano West Senior High

Sinfonietta Orchestra

  • Tiffany Doan, Plano East Senior High
  • Julia Duan, Jasper High School
  • Christine Kim, Jasper High School
  • Atulya Palacharla, Plano East Senior High
  • Sua Park, Plano West Senior High
  • Jessica Shin, Plano West Senior High
  • Vaibhav Sriram, Plano West Senior High
  • Anqy Tong, Plano West Senior High
  • Jonathan Vasilyev, Plano West Senior High

Symphony Orchestra

  • Ian Chen, Jasper High School 
  • Arman Deendar, Plano West Senior High
  • Bryan Han, Plano West Senior High
  • Derek He, Jasper High School
  • Noah Henson, Plano East Senior High
  • Kaitlyn Hou, Jasper High School
  • Karthik Iyer, Plano West Senior High
  • Yejean Kim, Plano West Senior High
  • Jacqueline Liu, Plano West Senior High
  • Kevin Meng, Plano West Senior High
  • Ashish Samson, Jasper High School
  • Ashley Tauhert, Plano West Senior High
  • Sophia Wang, Jasper High School
  • Dongji Yang, Plano Senior High