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All-State High School Musicians

January 11, 2020

On Saturday January 11, band and choir students across the state of Texas participated in the final round of auditions to earn a seat in one of the elite Texas All-State music ensembles. These 20 talented musicians, listed below, joined 40 Plano ISD high school musicians previously selected for all-state ensembles, via recorded audition in November 2019, for a total of 60 Plano ISD students selected as participants in all-state ensembles. The 60 all-state musicians represent all three senior high schools, as well as Clark, Jasper, Shepton and Vines High Schools.

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All-State Musicians

Mixed Choir

  • Pooja Bode, Plano West Senior High
  • Tanav Chachad, Jasper High School
  • Sigrid Edstrom, Plano West Senior High
  • Ben Kern, Plano Senior High
  • Emily Kondrat, Plano Senior High
  • David Roitberg, Plano West Senior High

Treble Choir

  • Daniela Diano, Plano West Senior High
  • Macaela Gross, Plano Senior High
  • Abigail Roth, Jasper High School
  • Parker Smith, Plano Senior High
  • Shriya Telakalapalli, Plano West Senior High
  • Nika Weiss, Plano West Senior High

Concert Band

  • Aaron Lee, Clark High School
  • James Li, Plano West Senior High
  • Weston Lu, Plano Senior High
  • David Park, Plano Senior High
  • Kane Wang, Jasper High School
  • Samuel Wang, Plano Senior High
  • Oscar Wei, Plano West Senior High
  • Alec Yoon, Plano West Senior High

Plano Senior High All-State Musicians

Plano Senior High School all-state musicians: top row: Ben Kern, mixed choir; Emily Kondrat, mixed choir; Parker Smith, treble choir; and Macaela Gross, treble choir; Front Row: Samuel Wang, concert band; Weston Lu, concert band; David Park, concert band; Andrew Hu, philharmonic orchestra; Ethan Wu, philharmonic orchestra; and Dongji Yang, symphony orchestra.