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Cypress Woods Computer Programming Competition Results

January 6, 2021

Teams from the Plano West and Plano East computer clubs competed in the Cypress Woods programing contest which took place on December 12, 2020. Competing teams consisted of three or less students and were separated into novice and advanced divisions. Teams were allowed a five-hour window for the competition. Each challenge had a pre-determined score of 100 points with binary scoring. For any participant/team who submitted more than one solution per challenge, then the score reflects the highest score achieved. Congratulations to these students:

Advance Division

In the advanced division there were 44 teams competing with a top score of 3100.

  • Sixth place (6 way tie): Joyce Qin and Arnold Venter Plano West Senior High (score 2700)
  • Twelfth place (3 way tie): Brendan Ehrman and Caleb Stam, Plano West Senior High (score 2600)

Novice Division

In the novice division, 30 teams competed with a top score of 2500.

  • First place: Ayon DasRithvik Ganesh and Aditya Rai, Plano West Senior High (score 2500)
  • Second Place: Vishnuu Gopi, Luke Liu and Nathan Ma, Plano West Senior High (score 2300)
  • Third place: Liam Kouch, Raaid Rizwan and Nathan Tran, Plano East Senior High (score 2200)
  • Fifteen place: Avi Chaturvedi, Jasper High School and Shardul Parthasarathy, Plano West Senior High (score 1200)