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Speech and Debate: Coppell Classic Swing Tournament, Jasper HS Results

January 11, 2021

Jasper High School speech and debate students competed virtually among 468 entries from 47 schools in 6 states at the Coppell Classic Swing Tournament on January 7-10, 2021. Students were able to compete in the Coppell High School and the Coppell 9th tournaments. Congratulations to these students:

Congressional Debate

  • Shrey Bahl, eighth place
  • Tai Cerulli, finalist
  • Sachi Goel, semifinalist
  • Pranav Kalakuntla, semifinalist
  • Katherine Lee, seventh place
  • Kaaviya Shenbaharaman, semifinalist

Dramatic Interpretation

  • Manha Haque, sixth place (CHS9)
  • Manha Haque, seventh place (Coppell) 

Humorous Interpretation

  • Jesse He, second place (CHS9) 
  • Jesse He, second place (Coppell) 
  • Amina Syed, third place (CHS9)
  • Amina Syed, third place (Coppell)

Informative Speaking 

  • Christopher Lorde, third place (Coppell)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Pranav Kalakuntla, sixth place
  • Katherine Lee, first place 

Original Oratory

  • Christopher Lorde, semifinalist  (Coppell)
  • Srjana Srivatsa, semifinalist  (Coppell)
  • Vedha Vaddaraju, sixth place (CHS9) 
  • Haniyyah Zia, semifinalist  (CHS9) 
  • Haniyyah Zia, sixth place (Coppell) 

Public Forum Debate

  • Sanjana Kumar and Ananshi Patel, octofinalists

United States Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Albert Jiang, semifinalist
  • Anirudh Prasanna, second place
  • Andy Qin, semifinalist
  • Kaaviya Shenbaharaman, fourth place