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    Form 1095-C

    From the IRS: What to do with form 1095-C? 

    In addition to your W-2, PISD issues a 1095-C form. This form will show which months, if any, you were covered on a medical plan through PISD. You may need the information on this form when you file your tax return. If you need another copy of your form, please print a copy from the Employee Service Center 

    The 1095-C forms for the 2023 tax year will be issued in February 2024.

    Instructions for Selecting Electronic Delivery of 1095-C 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Form 1095-C


    Health Insurance Marketplace

    The Health Insurance Marketplace HealthCare.gov is available to help you find and compare private health insurance options. The Marketplace usually offers an open enrollment opportunity every Fall, for coverage to begin the following January 1.

    The Health Insurance Marketplace Notice has been provided to all employees, regarding the Marketplace and how to get started.  The notice contains information you can use when completing an application for coverage through the Marketplace. The Marketplace will determine if you qualify for any premium subsidies or tax credits.

          Health Insurance Marketplace Notice 2022-2023
          Health Insurance Marketplace Notice 2023-2024

    Employees who are currently enrolled in a TRS-ActiveCare plan through Plano ISD, and who obtain coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, will be permitted to drop their TRS-ActiveCare coverage. The normal rules about changes still apply, such as needing to sign the cancellation paperwork before the coverage can be canceled.

    Important Notes: The Plano ISD's contribution only applies toward the TRS-ActiveCare premium for full-time employees, and will not be applied to coverage purchased through the Marketplace. Also, you have the option of paying your TRS-ActiveCare premium before taxes as a payroll deduction. That option is not available through the Marketplace, as those premiums are paid on an after-tax basis.

    Marketplace information is available at HealthCare.gov.

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