• Publicity Requests

    Plano ISD employees, PTAs and student organizations may submit news and photos to the Plano ISD Communications Department for consideration in district publications and to provide to local news media sources. Mass media outlets should also contact the communications department for media inquiries or interview requests. 

    Press Releases for News Media


    Lesley Range-Stanton
    Executive Director for Communications
    (469) 752-8094

    Securing Publicity Release

    Photos submitted to the PISD Communications Department may be published in a variety of newsletters, both hard copy and electronic format, and they may be submitted to local news media sources for publication. It is imperative that a "Publications, Video, Internet Consent and Release Agreement" is on file at the school for all photos considered for these publications. If a form is not on file in the school office, download the form below and have all required information and parent signature prior to submitting the photo to the Communications Department.

    Publications, Video, Internet Consent and Release Agreement
    Spanish Publications, Video, Internet Consent and Release Agreement

    Employee Newsletter - District Digest

    • Innovative programs
    • Notable Notes (marriages, births, deaths )
    • Professional presentations / appointments
    • Special events
    • Staff and student achievements

    Plano ISD's employee newsletter, District Digest, is distributed to all staff during the school year (excluding holiday weeks). The deadline for submitting information is Tuesday prior to the publication week.


    Debby Hayward, Publications & Website Specialist
    Plano ISD Communications Department
    2700 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075
    (469) 752-8030
    Fax (469) 752-8096

    Tips for Taking Photos

    • Remember that only students with publication permissions can be photographed. Check before sending them in to be published.
    • Set digital cameras to "high quality" or "fine" for best reproduction in print newsletters. The bigger the photo file the better.
    • Concentrate as closely as possible on faces/action, but avoid using the "zoom" on cell phones. Please move closer to the action if you can.
    • Hold the camera steady for clearest results and less chance for blurring and keep the horizon level.
    • If using a digital camera with a preview feature, preview your photos on the spot to ensure that correct angles are being achieved and that light sources are sufficient. 
    • Use a flash when appropriate.
    • Relax! The more at ease you are, the better your results with students and staff. (Remind students to "ignore" the camera when taking action photos to avoid "posed" results.)
    • When emailing or texting digital photos - email your images as file attachments, or if from your mobile device at the largest file size available to preserve quality. Please do not send them in a Word, PowerPoint or pdf document.
    • When texting, please send the largest file size available or it will be downsized automatically
    • Include information about the photo - names with titles, schools and event name. Please list people's names from left to right in the photo and include any other information to be emphasized in the published photo caption or news story.
    • Take a lot of photos! The more you take, the more great photos you will have to choose from.