• 2008 Bond Task Force Scope & Time Line

    In September, 2007, the Plano ISD Board of Trustees established a Task Force on Facilities and Technology to study the capital needs of the school district. Members were nominated utilizing the following formula.

    • All task force members are residents of the school district.
    • Each of the seven school trustees appointed one task force member.
    • The chair of the task force was selected in light of the following factors:
      • Commitment to public education
      • Interest in Plano ISD
      • Leadership ability and experience in planning and group facilitation
      • Objectivity
    • Ten members representing:Two Plano Chamber of Commerce representatives
      • Two PTA Presidents Council representatives
      • Two Plano Principals Association representatives
      • Two Plano teachers, one elementary and one secondary
      • Two citizens with technology backgrounds
    • District officials pertinent to this study will serve in an advisory capacity.


    Task Force Members

  • Phil Dyer - Chairman
    Brian Anhalt
    Nathan Barbera
    John Bock
    Sara Bonser
    Renee Bueche

  • Ann Boswell - Alternate Chair
    Kyle Carlson
    Bob Garrey
    Tammy McSwain
    Bart Ridley
    Barbara Roselli

    Karen Schultz
    Karen Shepherd
    Berk Smith
    Len Stevens
    Kyle Walters

  • District Contacts (162k)

    Study Areas

    • Construction of new facilities to accommodate growth.
    • Repair and renovation of schools to enable them to operate more efficiently and to
    • allow the delivery of the current instructional program.
    • Repair and/or replacement of major building systems and equipment that are
    • unreliable and costly to operate.
    • Additions to existing facilities to accommodate increased enrollment or programmatic
    • needs.
    • Technology needs to address current programs, replacement schedules and future
    • programmatic issues.

    The group analyzed data and recommended priorities for a future bond election. The district maintains an extensive facilities database, which was available to the task force. The task force framed its priorities in a fashion that met district needs through 2012. Specifically, the charge to the Task Force included:

    • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of information related to PISD facilities, including selected onsite reviews of previous and proposed projects.
    • Reviewing future enrollment trends and projections.
    • Establishing construction, renovation and site acquisition needs.
    • Validating cost projections to meet analyzed needs, taking into account inflationary trends.
    • Reviewing the District’s needs with regard to technology and other capital items identified.

    Time Line

    • August 7, 2007 Board approval of Task Force Plan
    • September 4, 2007 Board approval of appointment to Task Force
    • September 27, 2007 Task Force organizational meeting
    • November 20, 2007 Interim report to Board
    • February 19, 2008 Board consideration of task force recommendations – work session
    • March 4, 2008 Call Election – Board of Trustees
    • May 10, 2008 Bond Election