• High School Online Registration Instructions

    1. Open Google Chrome web browser (this is the only supported browser for registration).
    2. Login to Parent Portalhttps://parentportal.pisd.edu
    3. Go to the Program Enrollment & Payments section
    4. Click the TEAMS PSS Program Enrollment & Payments
    5. Click on your student’s name.
    6. Click on the Summer-Night School
    7. Highlight the desired course description(s). Note that some classes are offered both sessions. That is why the course may be listed twice. Make sure you select the correct part number (part 1 is the first semester of the course; part 2 is the second semester of the course) and select the correct session (first session or second session). Click Continue.
    8. Review the selected course(s), Session Date Range (first session or second session) and Total Tuition Amount and click Continue.
    9. Highlight the course(s) and click Continue. You will receive a prompt, "Would you like to make a Credit Card Payment?"  Click the Yes
    10. Enter Payment Information and review Credit Card Billing Address. You must have an email address in order for the credit card to process.
    11. Click the Final Review
    12. Review the Selected Course(s), Payment Information and Billing Address.  You must have an email address listed in order to complete the online registration.
    13. Click the Authorize Payment
    14. You will receive an authorization number if the credit card transaction is successful.  If it is not successful, please verify the Payment Information and Billing Address or use a different credit card.
    15. Click the Download button if you would like to print a receipt confirmation.