• Frequently Asked Questions - Summer Programs

  • How do I know if my child is eligible for PAL or Middle School Summer School?

    Eligible students will be contacted by the district. Please refer to the summer school website for more information on dates, times, and locations.

  • How do I register my child for SIGS, PVAA, or another enrichment program?

    Please visit our website, www.pisd.edu/summerschool, and check out each program's specific registration information. Most programs will have parents register through the parent portal, but some will have a Google form link on the website.

  • Who do I contact to find out if my high school student needs to take credit recovery courses this summer?

    Please contact your child's counselor at their home campus. 

  • How does my high school student take a course to get ahead?

    Some high school students are eligible to take certain courses in eSchool. Please visit us at our eSchool webpage for a full list of courses available. If your student has questions if a course is necessary for graduation, please have them contact their campus counselor.