• Administrative Appointments Photo Gallery, August 7, 2018

    Twenty-six administrative appointments as recommended by Superindendent of Schools Sara Bonser were approved by the Board of Trustees at the August 7 school board meeting. Read more in Headline News.

    Appointees in alpha order:

    Mona Abdelfattah, Assistant Principal Williams High School

    Selenda Anderson, Executive Director School Improvement and Innovation

    Lori Brooks, Assistant Principal Huffman Elementary School

    Pamela Clark, Principal Clark High School

    Tarah Clark, Assistant Principal Armstrong Middle School

    Shelley Crowder, Director Adult Transition Services

    Brittany Drake, Assistant Principal McMillen High School

    Kristen Fislar, Principal Beaty Early Childhood School

    Jen Haugh, Principal Pearson Early Childhood School

    Elena Helms, Assistant Principal Hughston Elementary School/Beverly Elementary School

    Abby Hines-Homer, Assistant Principal Otto Middle School

    Emily Huechteman, Assistant Principal Andrews Elementary School

    Athanasios Icossipentarhos, Assistant Principal Shepton High School

    Mark Letterer, Principal Wilson Middle School

    Bryan McCord, Assistant Principal Jasper High School

    Kim Murphy, Assistant Principal Jasper High School

    Molly Pond, Assistant Principal Centennial Elementary School

    Dr. Coryn Prince, Associate Principal Plano Senior High School

    Travis Ragsdale, Assistant Principal Renner Middle School

    Roland Rios, Assistant Principal Plano East Senior High School

    Jana Sandall, Principal Bird Special Programs Center

    Susan Schlosser, Assistant Principal Saigling Elementary School

    Heather Schmitt, Assistant Principal Weatherford Elementary School

    Melanie Schulte, Principal Frankford Middle School

    Jigyasa Sethi, Assistant Principal Rasor Elementary School

    Ari Weinberg, Assistant Principal Schimelpfenig Middle School