• Facility Naming Process

    Plano ISD facility naming opportunities for existing facilities will be conducted once a year. Naming opportunities for new facilities will be conducted as needed. Both will be executed in accordance with the following process.

  • Naming Types

    1. Honorific Naming: The Board of Trustees may also determine if a naming opportunity should be bestowed on an individual, group of individuals, corporation or organization for a distinguished contribution that has had a noteworthy positive impact on the District or a campus. Normally, such contributions will occur over an extended period of years but may also include a great achievement or heroic activity during a shorter period of time.
    2. Gift-Related Naming: A gift-related naming occurs when a donor makes a monetary contribution to the District or the Plano ISD Education Foundation and is recognized with a facility naming. Primary consideration for naming facilities may be given to individuals or organizations that make monetary contributions to the District or the Plano ISD Education Foundation. Gift-related naming will be subject to Policy CW (LOCAL) guidelines.
      1. Specific contribution levels may be established by administration with either fixed or minimum dollar amounts or significant monetary contributions to actual cost for construction or renovation, if any, or toward a fundraising goal.
      2. Pledges related to gift-related naming must be paid at 75% of the committed and agreed upon amount prior to any signage, public announcement or publicity. 

  • Review and Selection Process

    1. Following the submission deadline for a naming opportunity, Plano ISD staff will review the submissions to ensure they meet the required, basic qualifications per Policy CW (LOCAL).
    2. The Board, the superintendent of schools or an administrative designee appointed by the superintendent will select the facility naming form submission deadline along with the Board decision deadline for each naming opportunity.
    3. A committee will be appointed to review valid submissions as designated by the superintendent of schools in accordance with Policy CW (LOCAL) guidelines.
    4. Utilizing criteria in accordance with Policy CW (LOCAL), the committee will evaluate these submissions during designated committee meetings and make a recommendation to be brought forward for Plano ISD Board of Trustee approval at a subsequent board meeting that falls within the selected board announcement deadline. Additional criteria can be selected by the committee based on the individual needs and circumstances surrounding each naming opportunity.
    5. No publicity shall be given to the recommendation for naming until it is considered by the Board.

  • Authority and Approvals

    1. The final authority for any naming, memorial or tribute decision rests with the Board of Trustees.
    2. The items set forth in these procedures shall not be deemed all-inclusive.
    3. The Superintendent and/or the Board of Trustees, along with the appointed committee, reserve the right to consider any and all factors regarding the privilege of name association with District facilities. Decisions will be made consistent with the stated vision, mission and values of the District.
    4. Prior to approval, the Board of Trustees shall have reasonable assurance that:
      1. The proposed name shall bring additional honor and distinction to the District and the facility being named.
      2. Any philanthropic commitments connected with the naming shall be realized.
    5. The Board or Trustees and/or the superintendent may require that a background check be performed on a donor (living or deceased) or designee based upon particular facts and circumstances.
      1. The donor, donor’s executor or designee shall be required to sign an authorization allowing the background check, if a background check is determined to be necessary.
    6. At its sole discretion, the District may change or remove the name if circumstances related to the honoree or donor could damage the reputation of the District.
    7. Naming of these facilities may be designated for a specific period of time.

  • Process Following Board Approval

    1. Upon approval of the naming by the Board, an appropriate dedication ceremony may be planned and conducted by the District.
    2. A dedication plaque or comparable marking may be erected upon approval of the naming by the Board.
    3. In addition to the individual or group for whom the building is named, the dedication plaque should identify the superintendent and Board of Trustees at the time the naming was approved.
    4. This section shall apply to any new or newly renovated building or facility.