• House Bill 3 / Gifted and Talented Allotment

    Plano ISD students and families can be assured that excellent and appropriate gifted and talented programs and services will continue without change in Plano ISD regardless of the state funding allocation process. See the frequently asked questions below.

  • What is the current amount of the state funding allotment for gifted and talented in Plano ISD?

    Plano ISD receives approximately $1,700,000 from the gifted and talented allotment.

  • Under current law, what are the spending requirements for the gifted and talented allotment?

    A district must spend 55% of the allotment on gifted and talented services and programs, or $935,000 of the $1.7 million allotted.

  • How much does Plano ISD spend on gifted and talented instructional services and programs?

    Plano ISD currently budgets $5.8 million on gifted and talented instructional services and programs, or almost three times the allotment and roughly six times the 55% spending requirement.

  • What happens if the allotment rolls into the basic allotment in the funding formula?

    Plano ISD serves 10,289 gifted and talented students and the district will continue to provide funding to support the excellent programs and services that our gifted and talented students and community expect in providing an excellent education to all students.

  • Under proposed House Bill 3, what happens if a district does not meet the gifted and talented program requirements set forth in the Texas Education Code?

    Specific language in House Bill 3 imposes significant financial penalty to districts who do not meet the gifted and talented program requirements.

  • How will Plano ISD manage the uncertainty in the funding mechanism for gifted and talented programs for the coming school year and beyond?

    Plano ISD has funded gifted and talented programs well beyond the amount provided by the state allotment and will continue to maintain our commitment to a program that provides a learning environment which nurtures the unique social-emotional and academic needs of students requiring gifted and talented services.