• What is Campus and Community Engagement?

    School-community engagement seeks to engage campus leaders to achieve a fair decision-making process and deepen relationships and trust between the school community and families. 

  • Why does Plano ISD need a Campus and Community Engagement Office

    The Office of Campus and Community Engagement provides students, families, and schools authentic engagement opportunities that allow them to interact with one another. Our goal is to ultimately serve the community which meets a curricular need.

  • What is the vision of the department?

    Our vision is to meet the needs of each learner while removing personal barriers that will allow equal access to opportunities that are essential to reaching the highest levels of student achievement while in pursuit of becoming resilient and resourceful lifelong learners. 

    We hope to achieve this vision through these four goals:

    1. Strengthen our culture of inclusivity throughout all elementary, middle, and high schools.
    2. Recruit, attract, and retain highly qualified potential teachers to diversify our applicant pool, and retain a diverse faculty and staff that reflects the demographics of our students.
    3. Offer professional learning opportunities to help teachers connect students’ life experiences with what they learn in school. These connections help students access the rigorous curriculum and develop higher-level academic skills. 
    4. Recognize and celebrate students and staff and the diversity of experiences and backgrounds.

  • How can I get involved?

    The Office of Campus and Community Engagement is always looking for community stakeholders to serve as thought partners to ensure all students have access to opportunities within Plano ISD. Please contact Brian Lyons, at brian.lyons@pisd.edu to find out how to play an active role. 

  • If there is an issue that involves discrimination, what do I do?

    The Plano ISD Board of Trustees and leadership team encourage students and families to communicate with the appropriate teacher, principal or other campus administrator who has the authority to address the concerns. Issues should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the closest possible administrative level. 


  • What resources are available for parents and teachers to support members of our LGBTQ+ Community?

    More information can be found:

    Legal Issues Related to Transgender Students