• Principal Appointments 2022-23

    August 2, 2022

    New campus administrative appointments made over the summer were introduced to the Board of Trustees at the August 2 school board meeting. Congratulations to seven new principal appointees and 34 newly appointed assistant principals. 

  • Armstrong Middle School: John Tedford

    Armstrong Middle School
    John Tedford, Principal

    John Tedford with family

    Armstrong Middle School Principal John Tedford, his wife AnneMarie and their three children. Mr. Tedford was formerly an Assistant Principal at Clark High School.



  • Charmaine Solomon Adult Transition Center: Gwendolyn White Johnston

    Charmaine Solomon Adult Transition Center
    Gwendolyn White Johnston, Director

    Gwendolyn Johnston poses with her husband and two children

    Director of the Charmaine Solomon Adult Transition Center, Gwendolyn Johnston, is pictured with her husband Frank and their two children. In 2018, she returned to Plano from Arlington ISD to serve as a member of the first staff at the Solomon Center.

  • Frankford Middle School: Katie Brittain

    Frankford Middle School
    Katie Brittain

    Principal Katie Brittain

    Frankford Middle School Principal Katie Brittain. Ms. Brittain is a former Principal at Rose Haggar Elementary.

  • Hickey Elementary School: M'Cheyl Herrera

    Hickey Elementary School
    M'Cheyl Herrera, Principal

    Hickey Elementary School Principal M'Cheyl Herrera (right) with her fiancee, Jessica Malloy (left) and their three children. Ms. Herrera is a former Assistant Principal at Daffron Elementary School.

  • Hughston Elementary School: Jennifer Caplinger

    Hughston Elementary School
    Jennifer Caplinger, Principal

    Jennifer Caplinger with family

    Hughston Elementary Principal Jennifer Caplinger is pictured with her husband Marty and their two children. Mrs. Caplinger is the former Principal at Barksdale Elementary School. 

  • Mathews Elementary School: Wendy Miller

    Mathews Elementary School
    Wendy Miller, Principal

    Wendy Miller with her family

    Mathews Elementary School Principal Wendy Miller (second from left) is pictured with her husband, Aaron, and her three daughters. Ms. Miller was previously an Assistant Principal at Bethany Elementary School.

  • Rose Haggar Elementary School: Amy Weems

    Rose Haggar Elementary School
    Dr. Amy Weems, Principal

    Amy Weems with her family

    Rose Haggar Elementary School Principal Amy Weems is pictured with her husband Josh and their two children. Dr. Weems is a former Assistant Principal at Davis Elementary School.

  • High School Assistant Principals

    Clark High School

    • Alexis Wilkinson, Assistant Principal

    Jasper High School

    • Larry Wilson, Assistant Principal

    • Tarah Clark, Assistant Principal

    McMillen High School

    • Kamili Carthledge, Assistant Principal

    Plano Academy High School

    • Elizabeth Barth, Assistant Principal

    Plano East Senior High School

    • Diana Bell, Assistant Principal

    Plano Senior High School

    • Derrian Mckinney, Assistant Principal 

    Plano West Senior High School

    • Eric Lockett, Assistant Principal 

    Shepton High School

    • Travis Ragsdale, Assistant Principal 

    • Tyler Yarbrough, Assistant Principal

    • Kimberly Schrader, Assistant Principal

    Vines High School

    • Justin Penio, Assistant Principal 

  • Middle School Assistant Principals

    Armstrong Middle School

    • Ashley Washington, Assistant Principal

    Carpenter Middle School

    • Shellie Martin, Assistant Principal

    Frankford Middle School

    • Thaddeus Porter, Assistant Principal

    Murphy Middle School

    • Vernadeth Franco, Assistant Principal 

    Renner Middle School

    • Michael Vilona, Assistant Principal 

  • Elementary Assistant Principals

    Barksdale Elementary

    • Bonny Pan, Assistant Principal

    Bethany Elementary

    • Katherine Forisha, Assistant Principal

    Centennial Elementary

    • Lakia Davis, Assistant Principal

    Daffron Elementary

    • Wilma Sifonte, Assistant Principal

    Dooley Elementary

    • John Neumann, Assistant Principal

    Hickey Elementary

    • Amanda Hudson, Assistant Principal

    Mathews Elementary

    • Ashlie Dansbee, Assistant Principal

    Meadows Elementary

    • Katie Flores, Assistant Principal

    Mendenhall Elementary

    • Dora Deboer, Assistant Principal

    Mitchell Elementary

    • Maggie James, Assistant Principal


    Shepard Elementary

    • Matthew Gonzales, Assistant Principal

    Stinson Elementary

    • Elyse Daly, Assistant Principal

    Jackson Elementary

    Scott Riggle, Assistant Principal

    Haun Elementary

    • Jennifer McCarty, Assistant Principal

    Huffman Elementary

    • Eboni Walls, Assistant Principal

    Weatherford Elementary

    • Montrail Davis, Assistant Principal