• Attendance Policy

    To facilitate the purpose of PISD Night School and to be in accordance with state laws, regular attendance is extremely important. Night School meets for a total of 22 nights for a total of 66 hours.


    • All absences are considered unexcused.
    • Students are required to make up an absence at the scheduled remediation session following the absence.
    • Participants are withdrawn from the Night School program after missing any time over six hours.
    • Upon the return to Night School after an absence, the student must have a DATED note written and signed by the parent explaining the absence. The note MUST have a phone number where the parent may be reached at night. This information must be presented to the Night School attendance clerk.
    • If a student is absent with extenuating circumstances beyond the six hours, the parent or guardian should meet with the Night School principal IMMEDIATELY.
    • In addition, if it is necessary for a student to leave before the 8:30 p.m. dismissal, he/she must check out through the Night School office.
    • All absences must be made up on one of the regular scheduled remediation times. No exceptions.
    • Remediation sessions are scheduled throughout the semester. The purpose of each remediation session is to allow for reteaching, retesting, and making up missed assignments. Students who are failing or have missed class time during the dates before the remediation session are required to attend the remediation session.

    If the student is absent the night of a required remediation session, he/she will be counted absent and will be required to make up the additional time. Students who are passing, have not missed class time prior to the scheduled remediation date, and have teacher approval are not required to attend the remediation session.

    The teacher will notify students of remediation requirements during the Night School class before the remediation session. Students who are absent the night before the remediation session will be expected to make up the missed time during the upcoming remediation session.