• 2004 Bond Program

    More than 75% of Plano ISD voters who cast ballots in the school district’s August 21, 2004, bond election gave the district a “thumbs up” to fund $286 million in renovations, additions and expansions, cafeterias, systems and compliance for several facilities, capital improvements and district wide technology initiatives. The bond program impacts every child and all schools.


    Bond Proposal Descriptions

    Facilities and Technology Task Force

    The Plano ISD 2004 Facilities and Technology Task Force was appointed by school trustees so that citizens and staff could examine long-range needs and recommend a plan to the board of trustees that addressed those needs resulting from student growth, renovations due to aging buildings and equipment needs, including those for technology.

    Co-chairs - John Muns, former Plano ISD School Board president and current school trustee, and Brad Shanklin, Plano Chamber of Commerce president

    School Board Appointees - Ken Kroviak, Jim Richardson, Charlie Miller, Terri Gibson, Nathan Barbera, Frank Pollacia, Steve Raish

    Plano Chamber of Commerce - Don Riley

    Plano ISD Council of PTAs - Elise Gold and Betty Wright

    Principals - Karen McDonald and Nancy Roberts

    Teachers - Mike Stanton and Maria Marquez

    Technology Representatives - Bruce McCullough and John Bock

    The task force presented its recommendations to the school board in April, detailing the group’s research during the past several months, including meetings with district leaders, financial advisors, and a public input meeting, as well as the group's touring Thomas Elementary, recently renovated, and Carlisle Elementary, due for renovation. The task force also presented the bond proposal to the community at a public input session held on March 31 at Sockwell Center. The public input was considered by the task force in its final recommendation to trustees.

    “It has been four years as promised since the school district has held a bond issue to address major facilities and technology needs,” said Dr. Doug Otto, superintendent of schools. “The 2003 bond election handled only emergency needs." He also noted that bond funds are not subject to recapture by the state through the “Robin Hood” system of school finance in which property-wealthy districts provide funds for less-wealthy school districts.


    This information is provided for informational purposes only. Plano ISD staff and school board members are committed to providing information to the public about the bond program and are available for speaking to groups in the community.

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